Wednesday 30 April 2008

Fourth anniversary blues

Today the carpet should have been fitted in the hall, stairs and landing and everything, in the cottage, should have come together in time for the fourth anniversary of our moving here. But, true to form, I have had to cancel the fitting of the carpet because the decorator is still here. This morning his 8.30 start was 10.45 and thankfully he finished this afternoon. If the job had gone on long enough he would have been arriving in time to go home. Now I know why we have tried to do as much of the work on the cottage, as possible, ourselves. Nothing, absolutely nothing that has been done by a workman has been done on time. Before we can have the carpet fitted the plumber needs to fit the radiators on the hall, then I need to clean and maybe we need to do some touching up of the woodwork. It is probably going to be about the middle of May before I can rearrange the carpet fitting. So once again the champagne is back on ice.

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