Wednesday 23 April 2008

Coronation Street meets Dallas

Our next door neighbour, Del boy, has got his new gates and fence up now. There used to be a rusty old gate to the side of his house and to the front of his house he looked onto two metal gates that were neither attractive nor unattractive. We saw them from our bedroom window and accepted them as part of the charm of the countryside. The old gates did not belong to Del boy, who is a townie, but he looked at them and he wanted to look at his idea of what the countryside should look like. Initially the owners of the gates would not let him change them but they appear to have given in to him. Now there are two wooden five bar gates joined by a close boarded fence. The gates although acceptable do not look quite right. Most of the gates around here into fields, which is what these are, are metal gates, which are more often than not, old and rusty. The fence is wrong as countryside fences are generally posts and rails. It looks at bit like Southfork. I'm almost expecting to see J R and Sue Ellen out there.

I am now wondering where we are living. Our rear bedroom window looks out onto the opening scenes of Coronation Street and our front bedroom window looks out onto the opening scenes of Dallas.

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