Thursday 17 May 2012

More perspiration than inspiration

It is certainly looking more like perspiration than inspiration at the moment. My last post Inspiration or perspiration has disappeared. This has never happened to me before. I have sometimes lost posts while I have been writing them but a published post has never gone AWOL. Once something had been published on the Internet I thought that it was impossible to delete it, but that post is nowhere to be found. It must be somewhere out there in cyberspace. My clever husband did manage to find the post saved in the bowels of his laptop. However, I have decided not to try to resurrect it as it was the post only, minus the comments. Thank you to those bloggers who had commented on it. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

Friday 11 May 2012

Perspiration or inspiration?

Formerly Inspiration or perspiration.

I had a premonition when I was working that when I stopped working my ideas and inspiration for blog posts would dry up and I am sorry to say that the premonition has come true. I do have a bit of a sixth sense. Not that I often posted about work. I think that when you are not working life takes on a different perspective. Most days at work I would come into contact with up to 200 people. On a busy day it could be many more. I do not miss them, so am unsure of the effect that they were having on my life. However, I do miss my work colleagues. Recently my life has not gone to plan and I wonder if that could be having an effect on my creativity or maybe I am just trying to do too much. When I first started to blog it was easy. I had a wealth of untold stories to tell. Now most of my tales are told and life does not seem to be so colourful.

My main aim for this year is to get on top of the garden.Consequently I am spending as much time as I can working in the garden, when the weather allows. It seems that too much time spent in the garden is making Cheshire Wife a dull girl but the rewards  from the garden can be wonderful. This stunning blue camassia and majestic yellow fritillaria imperialis are currently in flower.

I am struggling to get a balance. between work and play, as at the moment there seems to be an awful lot of balls to keep in the air. Maybe a holiday is the answer. Later today we are going away for a few days to somewhere that I have never been to before and that we have been trying to get to for a few years. I am hoping that the change of scene and fresh air will blow away the cobwebs and give me some inspiration. Otherwise it is going to be perspiration.

Tuesday 1 May 2012

The wrong sort of rain

No doubt most of you are aware the a large swathe of the UK is currently experiencing drought conditions and is subject to a hose pipe ban. We are fortunate in not having a hose pipe ban here in the north west of England, neither do we have any flood warnings. For several days now it has rained stair rods and this was the scene at the end of our garden yesterday morning.

The farmer has ploughed all of his fields except this one, which is now water logged. About two weeks ago he fertilised it. The aroma was so pungent that I had to go out. It was a fine sunny day and I would have liked to be out in the garden, but even in our front garden the smell was to much for me. Just think yourselves lucky that I was not able to collect it and infuse my blog with it! Thankfully the smell has now gone. He should have some mighty good crops.

I always remember a conversation that I had with my mother-in-law, some time ago. I was telling her that I had a list of jobs waiting to be done on a rainy day. She said that they would not get done because it would not be the right sort of rain. I had never heard this before and assume that it must be an Irish idiom as both of my mother-in-law's parents were from Ireland.  But she was quite right, it never is the right sort of rain. This afternoon it was grey, miserable and cold and looked very much like rain. Ignoring the Spring cleaning, ironing, sewing, letter writing and blogging that could all be done in the dry and warm I went down to the greenhouse to sow the last of my seeds and to do the final round of the pricking out. I shall need to do some potting on but not a lot is happening in the greenhouse at the moment. The weather is too cold and wet. The plants and seedlings need more warmth and light which means sun. Not all of this rain, more of which fell whilst I was in the greenhouse. The water butts connected to the greenhouse guttering are probably the only things enjoying all of this wet weather. They are full to over flowing.