Tuesday 22 January 2008

Safe as cars

I'm always short of time and tonight was no exception as I arrived home with less than an hour to have something to eat and get myself out to my evening class. To make time even more precious I was locked into my car. The driver's door would not open. There are times when it is a good idea for the driver's door to be locked when the driver is in the car, but this was not one of those times. I thought this is great - I'm sitting outside my house and I'm locked into my car! I had just manged to get the passenger door open when I thought what if I try the open button on the key? and hey presto it worked!

Thursday 10 January 2008

Too much cooking

Before Christmas the small oven, in my range oven, started to take ages to heat up. After contacting the manufacturer who quoted a three figure sum just to come out, some time after Christmas, I found a local man who would come out for half the price, within a few days. We didn't bother to take out the extended warranty on the range oven, as the oven at our previous house didn't go wrong during the period of the extended warranty. It's Sod's Law. The oven needed a new element and it has taken until now to get it. Apparently, the parts for the small oven are unique to this model. The small oven is now working and I have been told that I am using it too much. The main oven is larger and at a guess uses more electricity but is cheaper to repair. The alternative is to live on sandwiches and takeaways or maybe even eat out more often.

Wednesday 9 January 2008


Having spent the last week scouring the shops for household items I escaped into Chester today to have a look at the sales for myself. I didn't buy much and when I couldn't carry any more I set off home by the Park and Ride bus. About a mile and a half from the car park the bus started to make noises. It managed to go about another half a mile then stopped rather conveniently outside the hospital. The driver phoned for assistance. Whilst we waited, the passengers on the bus were patient and well behaved. The elderly man in the seat behind me suggested to his wife that we could do with a trolley dolly, to serve tea and cakes. But no such luck. After about 20 minutes a greasy mechanic arrived, listened to the engine, spent some time banging it and we were off again

Wednesday 2 January 2008

New Year's Resolutions

My New Year's resolution would be to get the cottage finished this year but I know that we wont get it finished unless we win the lottery. A more realistic resolution is to start going to the gym. My husband has been paying the subscription for me for some time. It was his ideas to join not mine. I just wanted the six week trial offer, for when we had the builder, so that we could go to have a shower if we needed to, but my husband got talked into joining. I am behind with everything as it is. Just think how much further behind I would be if I had been going to the gym since 2005