Sunday 31 August 2014

Trouble at the Google Mill

Just when I thought that all of my problems were behind me, I now find that Google will not allow me to leave comments on some blogs. Over the last few days I have left several comments on several blogs only to see the comment disappear when I press the publish button. The blogs that I am having problems with have the reply option in the comment section. Husband, who is a computer wonk, has looked at the problem and can not work out how to get around it. We use Firefox as a browser and it may be that Firefox has instituted an update which is causing the problem. If anyone can explain in words of one syllable how we can resolve this issue I would be grateful. I fear that at the moment Google has gone beyond my computing skills, but I always have plenty of things to do. So maybe I am going to have to occupy myself elsewhere.

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Permission for absence?

I know that I have been absent for a while and with pretty good reason. For the last six weeks or so every time that I tried to use my laptop it decided to have a strop. This meant that I was spending a lot of time without access to a computer, while husband was spending a lot of his time trying to nurse my laptop back to health. About two weeks ago now I decided to have a play with husband's laptop, while he was commandering mine with the aim of fixing it. By comparison with his laptop, which handled like a finely tuned athlete, mine handled like an arthritic 80 year old. So I suggested that maybe it was time that my laptop was replaced. After all his previous laptop, which was the same age as mine, had been replaced six month ago. I know that his laptop takes a real hammering as he use it for work. His current laptop is a model called Envy and envious I was.

So a new laptop was ordered for me. Not an Envy, I hasten to add, and within a few days I was the  proud owner of a shiny new laptop. It was great to be back in business but Google had other ideas. I could not access my own blog. After having a verification code sent to my mobile phone and some fiddling around I managed to work out what Google was up to and get into my blog. But now there were other demands on my time. The annual visit of sister-in-law and her husband was fast approaching and I needed to spend my time sprucing up the cottage for their visit, which was last weekend. As it happened we spent most of their visit sitting in the conservatory, which had only had the most cursory of cleans by comparison with the rest of the cottage. The meal went well and eveybody had a good day. Now I can relax until the next time. I might even manage to finish the post that I started back in June.