Thursday 8 May 2014

Plan B

I expect you are thinking that I have changed my mind about returning to Blogland.
No, things just have not gone to plan recently. In fact I am wondering why I ever make plans as they so often have to be changed or modified. Husband spent July, August, September, November and December last year working in Munich and we spent most of October on holiday. So he decided that he would have a month off in January. Well before we knew it one month had become four. Then four became four and a half. On Wednesday morning, of last week, he went off  looking very smart in a suit and tie for a change, (so many companies now have a dress code of business casual) expecting to start a new contract for a bank, who have an office on the business park on the other side of Chester. Within an hour he was back. They were not expecting him until May 12. So what was he going to do for the next week and a half? I always have a list of jobs for him to do. He has managed to do a few things that were on the list and have been there for a long time, such as my request to have a hook on the back of the door to bedroom 2. Anyway, hopefully he will be back working next Monday, but before then we have decided to go away for a couple of nights.