Friday 21 March 2014

Watch this space

When I stopped writing my blog at the end of February last year I had plans for what I intended to do with the time that I had been spending on my blog. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control, the British weather in the shape of last year's Arctic Spring, prevented me from putting my plans into action. My plans can not be carried out this year for different reasons. I wont bore you with the details. So I have decide to return to blogging.

The last year has been different irrespective of my absence from Blogland. There have been good experiences and not so good experiences and I am now looking forward to sharing some of them with you. But before I return to blogging we have a holiday, which has been booked for almost a year, to take next week. I not going to say where we are going, but if our flight should disappear we are going to end up in the icy waters of the North Sea rather than the balmy Indian Ocean.