Wednesday 28 February 2007

Inspected & plastered

The independent carpet inspector came to inspect the living room carpet this morning. He looked at the carpet, asked me some questions, said he could see exactly what I was talking about, spent 30 minutes crawling round it, took some photos, drew some diagrams and said that he was unable to discuss the carpet with me. Apparently he writes a report which goes to the manufacturer who then decides what to do about the carpet. The manufacturer informs the carpet shop who then inform us. This will take about two weeks. So it is another two weeks, at least, of living in an upside down house. This would not have happened in Surrey. We would have gone to our tried and tested, reliable carpet shop (ie John Lewis) who would have fitted the carpet without any problems. I know that there are John Lewis up here but the nearest is one hour away. The cheapo shop that this carpet came from is ten minutes away.

The plasterer, now risen from his sick bed, also came this morning, to plaster our bedroom. He said not to put the heating on to dry the plaster out but to let the wind dry it, as it whistled through the recently fitted windows. If it is dry by the weekend we can do that 'serious decorating' that should have been done last week.

Monday 26 February 2007

Lost in the mist

A few weekends ago we had bright but crisp and cold Saturday. As the day wore on we were expecting a sunset. However, as the sun started to go down the mist started to roll in until all we could see was white. I wondered if it was the end of the world and would anybody notice that we had gone.