Tuesday 15 April 2008

Garden where

I should have written this last night but I was simply far too tired after a day spent in the garden. All that fresh air and exercise really wore me out.

Yesterday was my first opportunity to spend a day in the garden and the weather obliged with a good day for gardening. With my project management hat on I am hoping that we are able to get on top of the garden this year. At the moment, I am not sure that garden is the right word for it. After all the rain that we have had some of it looks more like the Norfolk Broads than a Cheshire garden. After a solid day of rain a couple of weekends ago, I suggested to my husband that he made a boat but he hasn't taken me up on it. As I walked down the garden yesterday afternoon I surprised a duck that was enjoying itself in our flooded flower bed, prompting it to take off like Concord in hurry, just managing to lift itself over the roof of our garage. 2008 is Cheshire Year of the Garden and we have work to do. My husband has ideas of getting our garden into the National Garden Scheme which would be very nice if we could, but I do not think that we would manage to fulfil their entry criteria. Anyway even in my husband's dreams we are several years away from thinking about that and applying ourselves to the garden is more important than dreaming at the moment. For a bit of variety I tried working in the sun and was far too hot - I had too many clothes on. So I moved into the shade and was too cold when the breeze got up. Problems and decisions. What is a girl to wear in the garden? Never mind which plant am I going to put where.

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