Wednesday 2 April 2008

Who is the April fool now?

I had booked the plumber to come today, to change the hall radiators before the already much delayed (on his part) decorator comes.

Yesterday morning as I was about to go out to work the plumber turned up. I informed him that I was going to work and that he had come on the wrong day. He went off muttering something about an April fool. Today when he should have come he didn't, which is really annoying because today was my only day off, this week, and a lie in would have been appreciated. I have made numerous phone calls and sent text messages in an attempt to track him down - all to no avail. It is now too late to redeem the situation and he is no longer the retained plumber for this cottage.You may think that I am being harsh and should give him another chance but this is the second time that he has let us down. So there will not be a third letting down. Someone else will do the work.

I am not sure who he thought was the April fool yesterday, but I know who the April fool is today.

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