Thursday 17 April 2008

Any ol' iron

There was a tapping on the door this morning which, I just managed to hear above the scrappings of the decorator. I wasn't expecting anybody and as I was going to have to climb over the decorator to answer the door, I looked out of the window and saw a scruffily dressed lad standing on the door step and a truck reversed into our drive. I hadn't a clue who he was or what he might want. It turned out that he and his mate were collecting scrap metal and could he have the two old radiators standing on our drive. Realising that he was a 21st century rag and bone man I said that he could have them if he wanted them. In some ways it is amazing that anybody should think that there would be any such pickings when there are only three house up our little unmade road. I watched to see how he managed to get the radiators into the truck as one was heavy. He managed but we now have a black trail of mucky radiator water dregs around our drive. They were a far cry from Steptoe and Son. Both were over weight and dressed in clothes which were scruffy but too good for the job that they were doing. Had I been a child, they certainly would never have frightened me as the rag and bone man used to do. My brother and I used to hide in the garage if he came round, afraid that he might take us away.

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