Friday 2 May 2008


I started this blog to chronicle the trials and tribulations of renovating the Victorian cottage that we bought shortly after relocating to Cheshire from Surrey. At the time nothing was going right and I could never have imagined the problems that we were to experience during the course of last year. As a result the work on the cottage, that we were doing ourselves, and my part time job as a locum pharmacist took up far more time than I expected which left me very little time to keep the blog up to date. I wanted the blog to tell a story and felt that if I only managed to post blogs now and again I would not achieve what I wanted.

Now I have managed to get the blog up to date and ironically most of the work on the cottage is completed but inevitably our experience of life, in what to us is a foreign part of England, has become intertwined with our progress on the cottage and has become part of the blog. My locum work has dried up for the moment, for which I am grateful as I am behind with nearly everything. At some point, work which involves covering for sick leave and holidays had to dry up. Currently no one is sick and no one is on holiday in the pharmacies where I work. My problem now is to decide what, of the not done jobs, really needs doing and what does not. If a job has not been done since the builder left two and a half years ago does it really need to be done or can it be left forever?

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