Saturday 13 October 2007

Unlucky thirteenth

We returned home about 3 pm this afternoon. The cottage was surprisingly quiet as we opened the door. No burglar alarm to greet us. We soon realised that our power was off and there was the tell tale stale smell. The fridge and freezer had thawed themselves out and the answerphone has stopped working. So as soon as I had my jacket off I was throwing out the contents of the freezer. I had been meaning to thaw it out and given it a clean. Now I understand why some people empty the freezer before they go away.

The holiday was alright but we won't do seven nights in seven beds again or by tomorrow morning eight nights in eight beds. The ferry crossing was much better than I expected and the driving in France was also les stressful than expected but we did have the assistance of a TomTom.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights were spent in three different chateaux. This was the three nights Luxury in the Loire with gourmet dining that my husband had won. Luxury varies. Monday was the most luxurious and Wednesday probably the least luxurious. On Thursday night we came down to earth in a small hotel in San Malo but it was right on the beach and was quiet and comfortable which are our main requirements and you can only have so much luxury. In our quest to fill up the car boot with cheap wine we went first to a hyper market where I wanted to have a look at everything but my husband only wanted to look at the wine. He wasn't very impressed with what they had, so it was off to a discount store near the ferry terminal, where we found wine that he was prepared to buy. We had made a mistake with our wine purchasing. We should have bought more wine than we did from the wine caves in the Loire Valley. Next time we shall know better. Eventually we manage to get out for a pizza at a French Italian. A change from gourmet food.

Later in the evening, in the hotel bar we met a South African couple who were in the France for the Rugby World Cup. They took us to be English fans also in France for the rugby and I think that they were disappointed when they found that we were not rugby fans. Still we managed to have a chat with them. I think that the whole world has heard of Jonny Wilkinson.

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