Friday 5 October 2007


Today is the day before we go away for a week. My husband recently won a three night break in the Loire Valley and we have added extra nights on at each end to make it into a seven night break. So what we have ended up with is seven nights in seven different locations or seven nights in seven different beds - one of which is an overnight ferry crossing from Portsmouth to San Malo. It's ages since I went on a ferry and I've never done an overnight crossing. I'm not sure how I am going to cope with it, as I can remember feeling slighly queasy on a ferry from Tangiers to Gibraltar some time ago. Since then I have done quite a bit of dingy sailing and been alright but that's different. So that is one issue. The other issue is that we are taking our right hand drive car to drive on the wrong side of the road in France which means that my husband will be driving from the passenger seat and I will be navigating from the driving seat. So I am not exactly looking forward to the next seven days. Never mind, by this time next week it will nearly all be over and we should be back in England. There is nothing like wishing your life away!

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