Sunday 5 August 2007

Rain or shine

On Friday nights we religiously watch the weather forecast and plan our weekend activities accordingly. So on the basis of the forecast that we saw on Friday night we planned to garden on Saturday then do some shopping and indoor jobs on Sunday. How wrong the forecast was. Saturday was partly miserable and Sunday was glorious. So we didn't quite achieve what we wanted do but some things were done in spite of the weather. The last place that I wanted to be on a sunny Sunday morning was sitting in the car in a traffic jam in Chester but that was where I found myself. We would have done the shopping on Saturday if we had our own piece of seaweed to forecast the weather from. Or maybe we should invest in one of those little houses were the lady comes out when the weather is fine and the man comes out when the weather is bad or maybe it is the other way round - I can't remember now. Anyway Sunday was the last day of the Laura Ashley sale so we had to go to order a sofa for our snug. At the moment we are using the living room and if we want to use the snug we have to move a sofa into it, which is quite a performance as we have to move the stereo unit to get the sofa through the door and more importantly it is not the right colour for the snug. Then when we want to use the living room the sofa has to be moved back. So to make life easier we are having another sofa and as it is a bit of a luxury, we are buying it in the sales. As what we want is a small beige fabric sofa, I thought that it would be easy enough to buy from any furniture shop, but no - they are full of large leather sofas which seem to be all the rage, at the moment. Somehow not appropriate for our Victorian cottage. So Laura Ashley it is. It takes about eight weeks from order to deliver so we should have the sofa by the end of October which will be around the time that we will want to start to use the snug, as we use it more in the winter. Originally we were going to leave this purchase until the January sales but that would mean not having the sofa until about March by which time hopefully winter will be almost over. Well winter seemed to be the last thing on my mind as we sweltered in the car in the traffic in Chester. It just happened to be race day and the streets were full of race goers dressed in what would once have been their Sunday best. At least they had good weather and didn't get the usual soaking which often happens on race days.

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