Sunday 29 July 2007

The great outdoors

Today, at last, was fine and we managed to spend the whole day in the garden. For a change there were no dark clouds threatening rain and we didn't have to wonder will they or wont they. We managed to get so much more done than we have on previous weekends when we have been rained off either partly or totally. So much time is wasted putting away tools, watching the rain and wondering how long it will last and will we be able to get out in the garden again when the rain stops. Then when the rain is prolonged deciding what to do with ourselves in the house. There is no shortage of jobs to do in the house, but if we start something will we finish it before we are able to go out into the garden again? However, the garden is still quite wet and we have a waterlogged flowerbed with some rather sad looking plants in it. Last year with the hot weather that flowerbed looked more like a beach. Knowing whether to plant it with bog garden plants or drought loving plants is now becoming a real headache. Although, what is probably more concerning to us, is the level of the farmer's pond in the field adjacent to our garden. Normally it comes right up to our boundary but at the moment the water level is so high it has come into our garden. We have never seen the level of the pond so high, even in the winter. Normally the cows that graze in the field keep the level of the pond down by drinking from the pond but this year they don't even seem to be grazing in this field let alone drinking the pond.

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