Sunday 15 July 2007

Beginning of the end

Wet weather dictated jobs in the house today so at last we managed to put back our bedroom, which means that we moved our bed back from the third bedroom and borrowed the curtains from that room as the windows are about the same size. The bed clothes that go with the room are still packed away in a suitcase in the loft. My husband could not be bothered to go up into the loft to get them - next weekend perhaps! I need to order some new curtains for this room. Up till now we have had two odd pairs of curtains at the two windows in our bedroom as our previous house only had one window in most rooms. Having a king size bed in the third bedroom which, at best, is a small double bedroom was a bit tight spacewise. Now that room needs a good clean even though it was only decorated last Autumn. And I just need to sort out our clothes which are currently spread around all three bedrooms and the study. Then there is the dressing table to sort out. Moving the bed back was just the beginning. When we moved out of our bedroom to start decorating it took me a whole week to find alternative homes for everything. This is just the beginning of the end.

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