Friday 27 July 2007

A bargain

Today I did our weekly supermarket shop in the largest Tesco in the area. It's big. It's open 24 hours and it is just over the border in Wales so all the signs are in Welsh as well as English. The staff all seem to speak English and the till receipts are always in English. If I spoke Welsh I could try it out on them but I don't so I may never know if I could have a till recepit in Welsh. Because it is big and I don't shop there every week I go up and down each aisle so that I don't miss anything or more importantly any offers or bargains. So today I spotted bargain of the day, week or maybe even year. A ten litre green plastic watering can for £1.23. Now that we have three working out side taps and a water butt I decided that a second watering can would be a good idea - one for the top of the garden and one for the bottom. It's quite a hike from the bottom of the back garden round to the front garden with a watering can full of water. I am now beginning to think that a third and fourth watering can would be a good idea. But after all the rain that we have had do we need a watering can at all? Have I bought a bargain or a white elephant?

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