Thursday 19 July 2007

Window dressing

Finding the curtain fabric that you had in mind can be like finding a needle in a haystack round here. I have spent five half days scouring five shops to find the sort of curtain fabric that I had in mind. Now, if we still lived in Surrey one trip to Debenhams in Guildford would have had the matter sorted. What is so difficult about pink and green on a beige background? If I wanted beige on its own I would be spoilt for choice. No problem if I wanted black, brown or orange. To my mind, too modern for our Victorian cottage - alright for a modern house. I don't want old fashioned chintz. I want a modern floral. My dining room has been pink and green for 20 years and I am not changing my colour scheme now. Anyway we already have the meadow green carpet and the beige walls. What else would you put with a meadow carpet but flowers? At last I have found what I was looking for in little shop in Neston. Even my husband admired the curtain sample that I brought home without being asked what he thought, which must be a first! Today I ordered the curtains and was surprised at how reasonable the price appeared to be. I have always felt a bit guilty that I do not make curtains and that made to measure curtains were a bit of a luxury. I have never made curtains and neither did my mother. I could hardly expect here to teach me - she couldn't even sew a button on. My father used to do his own mending. He could even use my old sewing machine. Even if I could make curtains I can earn the money to pay for them more quickly than I could make them and its not as if I am short of things to do. So just a few more weeks of having odd curtains in the dining room.

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