Thursday 23 August 2007

Service with a smile

This morning I went to the nearby market town to collect the dining room curtains. As I walked from the car park to the shop I was thinking this is quite a walk - I hope the curtains aren't going to be too heavy. The curtains turned out to be not only too heavy for me to carry but also too cumbersome, so the nice man in the shop gave me the option of moving my car to a side passage near the shop or he would carry the curtains to my car for me. I went for the latter option - it seemed easier than trying to negotiate my way through streets that I don't know very well. He was very nice about it and admitted that I could not have parked the car any further away as we walked to the furthest corner of the car park. He told me about his trip to London the previous day and how awful the weather had been in London. That made a change as we had good weather yesterday.

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