Saturday 25 August 2007

Quaker meeting

Last night we went to a social evening in the village hall, which was mainly put on for the benefit of the Quakers, who have been camping in a field in the village for the last month. Apparently there have been three camps of ten days. I am amazed that anybody is prepared to camp for that length of time in a wet Cheshire field without proper toilet and washing facilities. The Quakers that we spoke to were in the main young and seemed to accept a cold wet camp as part of life or their religion. Some were dressed for the beach while other looked as if they were dressed for an expedition to the North Pole. We didn't manage to establish what they had been doing to occupy themselves in our village, which has neither a pub or a shop, other than playing Quaker games and maybe sending a post card home via the post box in the centre of the village or phoning home from the telephone box which surprisingly hasn't been vandalised. This is the gun slinging, knife wielding wild north west where eleven year olds are shot returning home from football practice and family men are attacked defending their homes. So how long before the telephone box is vandalised and will the Quakers return next year?

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