Sunday 12 August 2007

A weekend of two parties

On Friday night we went to a fortieth birthday party at one of the neighbours, who live down the lane. The weather was fine and we sat outside admittedly we were dressed against the evening chill. In the dark we managed to spy our next door neighbours and we spent most tof the evening chatting to them - something that we hadn't done for some time as we rarely see them. Del boy had shaved off his mustache and was there without his WAG so I didn't recognise him. Inevitably there was a disco and karoke which the younger guests had a go at. We were surprised to hear several old number played, some of which must have been hits long before the party girl herself was born. Around 11 pm they played Those were the days and As tears go by and we felt that it was past our bedtime so made our goodbyes and staggered the 100 yards down the lane to our house. We heared Del boy come back not long after us. He let the burglar alarm off as he came in which was not surprising as he was knocking back the drink.

Then on Sunday afternoon we went to a garden party for charity. This was held in a half acre terraced garden on the banks of the River Dee and was a much more sedate affair. After a tour of the garden we sat by the river in the sun, drinking tea from bone china cups and eating sandwiches without their crusts and home made cakes. The proceeds from the afternoon were several hundred pounds all for a good cause.

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