Friday 11 May 2007

Weekend in the south

My husband rarely goes anywhere without his laptop so he has let me borrow it to do this blog. Today we drove from Chester to Weybridge for a weekend of visiting our mothers. The drive was uneventful and the weather was dry. As we drove through Buckinghamshire towards the leafy lanes of Surrey I began to feel as if I was coming home. The landmarks look familiar and the countryside looks softer and more attractive than the hash landscape of Cheshire and the Wirral. Something that I had forgotten was the volume of traffic clogging up the roads in the south east and of course it was the early friday afternoon rush hour when we hit it. We are spending two nights at the hotel in Weybridge where we had our wedding reception. Tonight we should have gone out for a meal with my mother-in-law in Surbiton but she has gone to stay with her daughter in Northampton so we have the evening to ourselves. By the time we got ourselves out to look for somewhere to eat in Weybridge it was pouring with rain so we grabbed a table at he first suitable Italian restaurant where we had a surprisingly good meal. We decided on a post-prandial stroll around Weybridge, fortuneatley the rain had stopped. We found several other suitable restaurants for future reference and frightened ourselves looking in estate agents windows. A move north is a one-way trip!

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