Sunday 27 May 2007

Getting straight

Yesterday was a busy day. The plumber came first thing, with plan B, and got the pipe sorted out. We then went to look at carpets for the living room. Having opted for one of my real possibilities. I then had to take the samples back to the second carpet shop carpet where they were very reaonable about a refund for the deposit that I had paid. In the afternoon we took advantage of the fine weather and did some gardening. Today we are back to miserable weather so we had a go at putting the furniture back in the living room. So another day of moving furniture but with a bit of purpose this time.

The dining room is looking good with its meadow green carpet which has replaced the gaudy patterned carpet of the previous owners. For the living room we have chosen a parchment beige carpet from the same range. It is a very light carpet so we have chosen to have it stain protected. Now that the carpet is ordered and the fitting date arranged I am beginning to wonder if it was such a good idea to have chosen such a light carpet for a room which is the thoroughfare from the kitchen and dining room to the conservatory and garage. My mother will tell me that I have made a mistake but I am old enough now not to need my mother's approval for everything. It will look good when we finally get straight.

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