Saturday 12 May 2007

Down to East Grinstead

My brother moved to East Grinstead when he got married and my mother moved there to be near him after my father died. So today we went down to see them. My mother is now frail and forgetful after last years 'coughing do' which landed her in hospital for ten days. She wont move from her much cherished bungalow but how much longer she can live there on her own is the question that my brother and I keep asking. The small garden is over grown but the gardener is coming for one of his twice yearly visits, next week. You can write you name in the dust in the bungalow but as my mother adamantly told me - it doesn't get dirty. If only she would put her glasses on.

We had lunch with my mother then visited my brother late afternoon. We discussed how we think our mother is managing but reach no real conclusions. We have suggested sheltered accommodation in the past but she was not interested.

The sun was setting on another day as we drove through the pretty lanes of Sussex towards the Surrey Downs.

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