Tuesday 8 May 2007


Yet another carpet problem! This morning the carpet shop from which we had ordered our new living room carpet phoned to query how much carpet we needed then phoned again to inform us that they didn't have enough carpet for our room. We found this difficult to understand as they measured the roll, of carpet that they had in stock, in front of us and there was enough carpet but somehow a piece of that carpet has been cut off and sold to someone else. They assured us that they have some more on order but don't know when it will be in. So yet another twist in this carpet saga.

At least this afternoon Carpetright's fitters managed to turn up to take up the faulty living room carpet. So this morning we moved the furniture from the living room into the dining room and this afternoon we moved the furniture back. This wasn't the way it was planned. We seem to be going backward not forward. The living room seems to be jinxed.

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