Friday 22 June 2007

Two day event

Today was the second day of a two day stint working in the small health centre pharmacy. It wasn't as bad as I thought it might be at the beginning of the week. When I was so stiff on Tuesday I was dreading these two days but they have not been too bad. It hasn't been too busy and the staff have behaved themselves. I was lucky to have a dispenser at all. Last week she wrote off her car in an accident which sounds as if it wasn't her fault. The other dispenser, who covers for days off, is 14 months pregnant! according to the counter assistant. When I queried this the counter assistant corrected herself and said that she was 14 weeks pregnant. The pharmacist that I am covering for has gone to Glastonbury. Now that they are showing it on television why bother to pay all that money to get cold, wet and muddy when you can see and hear it better on the television, sleep in your own comfortable bed and have a hot bath or shower whenever you want. To be honest, weekend and all night pop festivals have not appealed to me since I went to an all night gig after finishing my A-levels and threw up at 3 am in the morning. As the music droned on in the background I just wanted to disappear into a hole or be at home in bed. I had never felt so wretched in all my 18 years. I had learnt the real meaning of being sick and tired.

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