Tuesday 19 June 2007

Stiff as a board

Yesterday morning I planned for the washing machine to do the load of washing delayed from Sunday, then I would do this, do that and do the other before having a sit down, then cooking lunch and going off to work at 1.30 pm. Well the washing got done and so did some of this, that and the other but there was no sit down before the lunch was cooked. All seemed to be alright when I arrived at work at 2.00 pm but by 5.00 pm after three hours of standing I was definitely starting to flag and I still had another four hours of standing ahead of me. I am not sure how I made it through to 9.00 pm. Today I am exhausted and my back is as stiff as a board. So this morning I had no choice but to take things easy and pace myself which is what I should have done yesterday. I am not sure what the osteopath will make of things. She has told me to try to stand differently which is easier said than done when you have other things to concentrate on such as making sure you dispense the correct medicine. I don't ever remember being this stiff before and I have stood for just as long if not longer. The osteopath in Surrey understood my back. I am now on my fifth osteopath in Chester and I think that I have at last found one that understands my back. After three years of being told that things were alright, by the other four osteopaths, this one realises that the problem, that I have spent three years complaining about, does exist. Perhaps it would have just been easier to go back to the osteopath in Surrey.

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