Monday 25 June 2007

The misery of a monday

Last night when I went to bed it was raining. I suspect it rained all night. This morning I was woken up at 6 am by the neighbour feeding their chickens. They have never woken me up before feeding their chickens at 6 am, so why of all days are they waking me up today. Even with my eyes shut I could tell that it was cold, dark and wet. Luckily for them I went back to sleep. I had to work till 9 pm this evening and I did not want to be awake at 6 am. As it continued to rain and the path from the house to the drive became more and more flooded. I had to draw up a plan of action, in order to get everything that I needed to take with me, from the house to the car. Before I got myself ready for work I had a trip out to my car wearing my cagoule and wellingtons to put my certificate in the car. I went off to work dressed in anorak and wellingtons carrying an umbrella, my work bag and a carrier bag containing my shoes. To get to my car I had to wade through several inches of water flooding the path. At my car I had to change from my wellingtons in to my shoes under the shelter of the umbrella then put the wellingtons into the boot. The alternative to this is to try to balance on the stone setts edging the path and if you can't manage that you end up on a very soggy lawn. Fortunately by the time I came home the water from the path had gone down so I did not have to go through this pantomime in reverse. But worse was to come as I set off towards the main road the lane was flooded in places and before I knew where I was my mini and I were in the middle of a giant puddle of indeterminate depth. I had never experienced this before - should I turn round and go another way or should I keep going? I decided to keep going and came through the puddle unscathed. Work was very quiet. Everybody was at home keeping dry and waiting for some play at Wimbledon.

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