Sunday 24 June 2007

Groundforce here

We have created a new flower bed next to where the patio will be if we ever get it paved. The retaining wall of the flower bed was moved in May of last year in the hope that we would get all this done last year but then my husband found the pipe, which we have had problems with, under the flower bed and both our mothers were in hospital down in Surrey and Sussex at the same time and everthing got a bit behind. So unlike Alan Titchmarsh and his two or three day projects it has taken us 14 months. Today was the day when we started to plant it up. I am afraid my husband is no Alan Titchmarsh more of a Tommy Walsh and I am certainly no Charlie Dimmock. I like to think that I am more of a Rachel de Thame. So I am the designer and my husband digs holes for the plants under my supervision. We make quite a good team as long as he digs the holes in the right place. We didn't get finished, we got rained off and unlike Alan Titchmarsh or our gardener friend, who worked in the rain next door, we called it a day and let nature water the plants in.

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