Friday 6 June 2008

That was the week that was

At the beginning of the week I thought for a change that I had the week to my own devices - no work and no work men after the carpet fitter was done on Monday. I was going to the Horticultural Society Summer Supper on Wednesday evening, had arranged to meet a girlfriend for lunch, in London, on Thursday and had pencilled the supermarket shop in for Friday morning. That was plan A and lasted until about 10 am on Monday when I was asked to work on Friday. So already the week was re-arranged, and plan B was in action, with the supermarket shop now pencilled in for Wednesday morning. By the time the carpet fitters left, early on Monday afternoon I was onto plan C with them returning on Wednesday afternoon. So now the only day that I would have totally to my own devices would be Tuesday. By Thursday morning I realised that I had done too much on Wednesday, as a result of the forced changes to my schedule, and was in no fit state to be meeting a girlfriend for lunch, in London. She was alright about it. We have known one another for nearly 40 years and in any case she had a cough so it was probably best that we postponed our meeting. So plan C became plan D. Today is Friday and I have spent most of the day working. Where has the week gone?

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