Wednesday 18 April 2007

Hot head

I am just three days into my three weeks of work and I am not sure how I am going to get to the finishing line. Tonight I had an argument with my husband about having too much to do, which I do. The root of the problem is that we are so far behind with the work on the cottage and the garden because so many tradesmen, workmen and neighbours have let us down. My typical evening is come home from work, water the greenhouse and the plants in pots (which should be in the garden but aren't yet), have something to eat and wash up, have a bath or shower and wash my hair if necessary then check my e-mails, watch the Ten O'clock News and go to bed. Then at 7am the next morning I am back on the treadmill again. This hot weather isn't helping as I wouldn't need to do so much watering of plants if for instance it was raining.

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