Monday 9 April 2007

The furniture merry-go-round

At the beginning of February we moved the furniture out of the living room into the dining room in preparation for the carpet being fitted. As soon as the carpet was fitted we realised that it was faulty and would need to be either refitted or replaced, so we had not put the furniture back into the living room. Whilst we were negotiating with the carpet shop about the refund for the carpet we were told that we could use the living room and that they would come to take the carpet up when we were ready to have a new carpet fitted. Consequently we put everything back into the living room - furniture, curtains, pictures, TV, the lot! Now we have been told that as we have asked for a refund the carpet shop want to come and take up the carpet in the next two weeks and we have agreed 12 April as a suitable date, but that now means that we once again have to move the furniture out of the living room into the dining room.

Once again we seem to be living in one cottage knocked into two and the jumble makes Steptoe's front room look tidy.

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