Tuesday 27 March 2007

Neighbours & Coronation Street

The next door neighbour D is building an extension onto the back of his house. We objected to his being given planning permission to build the extension. Every other person that we know who has applied for planning permission has been refused permission if a neighbour has objected. But we object and D gets planning permisssion. We live in an area of 'green belt' and we think that the extension is too big, too close to our house and not in keeping with the surrounding area and houses. Probably worst of all it blocks our view of the farmer's field and we now look out onto his tiled pitched roof. The first thing that we see when we pull back the curtains in the morning is this roof - it's like looking out onto Coronation Street. If we had wanted to look out onto a roof we would have bought a house that did so.

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