Saturday 31 March 2007

New neighbours

We used to live up a quiet country lane on the outskirts of a Cheshire village. We still live up the country lane but it is no longer quiet. New neighbours moved in last November who have no respect for the countryside and its' ways.

I am not sure whether he thinks he is David Beckham or Del boy. He drives a black pickup, has a thin moustache and tattoed arms. If he had co-respondent shoes I would say that he was a spiv. His wife has long bleached blond hair and looks like a WAG from behind. I haven't seen the front. She drives a black Audi with a personalised number plate.

Work has been on-going at the house on an on/off basis ever since, sometimes starting as early as 7am and sometimes going on as late as 10pm. He has a quad bike which he rides up and down the lane, making a terrific noise, as his garden is too small for it. The back garden is floodlit so that the kids can play foot ball and the front of the house is usually a blaze of lights.

I wonder how long it will be before they have had enough of the mud?

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