Thursday 22 July 2021

Hitting the ton

Here in the UK we are having a heatwave and the temperature on our patio is regularly reaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I have to say that I quite like the heat and I am enjoying myself pottering around in the garden, dressed for the beach. So while some of Europe is mopping up after torrential rain and floods, we are basking in the sun. It is usually the other way round. We have the rain and floods and Europe has the heat. If this is anything to do with Brexit, I am all for it. I know that this good weather will not last. It never does in this country. Thunderstorms are forecast for the weekend. The rain will be good for the garden, although our lawn has not turned brown, probably because we have had an awful lot of rain this year. The baking heat has turned our wettest flowerbed with its bog like clay soil into something which is more like a rock than soil with a small earthquake thrown in for good measure. Thankfully we only have one flower bed like that. The other flower beds do not have such heavy soil.

Shortly I shall be out to catch some more rays as this maybe the closest we are going to get to a holiday in the sun this year, although we do have a holiday booked for a few weeks time.


the fly in the web said...

Good luck for the holiday....always nice to get away even if you are enjoying the sun at home.

cheshire wife said...

fly - thank you. Fingers crossed we get to go.