Tuesday 3 November 2009

To, too, tutu or two

I was set this challenge about two months ago by Catharine Withenay, to name my seconds. Who else could have originated this meme but, you guessed, the Dotterel. I promised that I would do it after we had been on holiday, so here is my attempt.

your second girlfriend - I don't think this is applicable.
your second day at school - I don't remember, but I do remember a bit about my first day at primary school.
your second best friend - I don't attach numbers to friends. If I am lucky enough to have friends they are friends full stop.
the second LP that you bought - a Beatles LP, as was the first.
the second house that you lived in - the house that my parents moved to when I was four.
the second car that you drove - a Wolsey Hornet, basically a variation on the old Mini.
your second favourite band - The Beatles who were also my favourite band. There was only one band in those days.
the second best book you ever read - difficult, maybe The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough.
your second favourite film - Dr Zhivago.
your second favourite blog - I am not even trying to answer that.

Now, the lucky, or unlucky, bloggers that I am passing it on to are French Fancy, Helen P, Moannie and Reasons and also anyone else who would like to have a go at this challenge.


Catharine Withenay said...

Oh thanks - I agree about the second best friend. I went with chronology, as I remember it. Thanks for passing the meme on!

Working Mum said...

That's too hard for me! First is much easier. Who remembers the second man on the moon? Or the second person to climb Everest? NO! As I tell my daughter "second place is first loser"! (Not that I'm a pushy mum or anything!)

Sandi McBride said...

What fun...I love that you don't put numbers on your friends...me either! And my second book? The Box Car Children...loved it then (second grade) love it now.

Maggie May said...

Harder to remember a second than a first!
Good old Beatles. They were the best!
So glad you don't have second best friends!

Nuts in May

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

I'd be no good at this CW, simply because I can't remember most of the seconds! Good fun though. A x

cheshire wife said...

WM - I aggree with you, but the challenge was seconds.

MM - nice to hear from you.

Akelamalu said...

I think 'The Thorn Birds' comes a close second on my list too!

Anonymous said...

Golly, this will not be easy but I will have a go soon. Always up for a challenge.

Helen P said...

Oh blimey, I'll be spending my second day in my new job worrying about my choices now!
But thank you CW - very kind of you to think of me!

Lizzie said...

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CG said...

Interesting...like Working Mum I have trouble remembering seconds!

Carol said...

Blimey, that's a tough meme!! I don't even remember my first day at school never mind my second one!!

C x

French Fancy... said...

Oh thank you very much :) - isn't there a shiny picture to put on my blog for doing it? Swizz!

cheshire wife said...

FF - I am sorry, there is no shiny picture to go with this little piece of homework.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Fun!!! Great to read more about YOU!!! Love this! And I think you have a wonderful list of favorites...er, I mean seconds...Love you! Janine XO

Grumpy Old Ken said...


Rob-bear said...

First, second, third . . . whatever. Some memorable, some not.

By time we get to fifths, I'll probably say "Gin," and see what happens. (Or a fifth of rum might be nice.)

Anonymous said...

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