Monday 7 July 2008

An uplifting experience

We had the hall, stairs and landing carpeted about a month ago and as I predicted at the time would be necessary it came up today - or as they say in the trade uplifted, so that it could be refitted. There seems to be some sort of jinx on carpets in this cottage. Fortunately we do not have much furniture in the hall and most of what does live there, we had not put back. So getting ready for the carpet fitters did not involve too much work, on our part. Unlike last year, when by the time we got the living room straight, my husband and I could have got a job as removal men, because we had had to move the furniture in and out of the living room so many times. The carpet and the underlay had to be taken up on the landing so that the uneven floor boards could be boarded over. Considering what was being done, there was an awful lot of bumping and banging.I was doing some odd jobs in the room below and thought, at one point, that they were going to come through the ceiling, when a particularly loud bang had me jump out of my skin. Apparently the floor boards on our landing are a mixture of imperial and metric boards, which have different thicknesses. Imperial from when the cottage was built over a hundred years ago and metric from two and a half years ago when we had the builder - that is my assumption and I suppose that the EU is to blame for changing floor board sizes. Now the landing has been transformed, from a ploughed field into a bowling green if you imagine that it is green rather than beige or stone to give the carpet its' correct shade. The hall carpet also had a bit of a refit as it needed re-stretching. So now I am hoping that, that is that and it is on to the next job.


Lindsay said...

Horrible mess there must have been. Many moons ago - Husband at work - men came to refit flat roof - me below eating lunch - suddenly loud splitting noise - roof and ceiling came down - man landed on table - lots and lots of mess and swearing by me - I was furious!

Maggie May said...

Sounds like a big job!
Trouble is..... after we have had this kind of thing, we have had to get up the floor boards to check wiring or put extra in! Never looks as good when it is all put back by ourselves.
Was lovely to have you visit!