Sunday 20 May 2007

Hobson's choice

Today I promised myself that after painting the dining room fireplace, I would have an afternoon in the garden but yet again I had to spend all day in doors on a lovely sunny day. Really we should have gone to the charity walk in the village but the only charity that we know is this cottage. We started our day's endeavours by moving the dining room furniture yet again. Some into the living room and some into the hall. Then it was a trip into the unknown as we took up the old carpet. Taking up the carpet was easy enough but the underlay was another matter. As we took up the underlay it separated into two layers. The top layer came up easily but the bottom layer stuck to the floor. In the dining room end it was like strips of old licquorice which we had to scrape up with a wall paper scraper. In the snug end we had to scrape up what looked like congealed tomato soup. Two hours later the underlay was in six dust bin bags waiting for the dust man to collect. Then we had to clean up and finish the painting so that the new carpet can be fitted hopefully on thursday. I say hopefully because the floor in this room is some dodgy looking plastic tiles. If the carpet fitters will not fit the carpet on top of them I am leaving and will not be here when my husband gets home.

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