Tuesday 20 May 2008

Run rabbit run

As I opened the bedroom curtains this morning I saw a rabbit sprinting down the lawn and well might he run if he knew what we have in store for him. He/she or one of his friends seems to have found a way around the ultra sonic animal repellent that we purchased last month at a cost of £39.99 plus batteries. The flowerbed that is covered by the ultra sonic animal repellent has been dug up and I have had to resort to putting more bricks into it. Another flowerbed that the rabbits have taken a fancy to we have covered with a mesh which has so far been a success as far as we are concerned, but it is only a small flowerbed. I reckon that we need another four ultra sonic animal repellents to cover our garden. Not because we have an enormous garden but because we have an irregular shaped house and the ultra sonic animal repellent works by detecting motion through a 180 degree radius. The neighbours are also having problems with these rabbits. One of the neighbours has a gun and the current plan is to shoot them. It may seem like drastic action. I would be prepared to buy more ultra sonic animal repellents if they were guaranteed to work, but they obviously are not as we have found out. The rabbits are not particularly attractive and I can not have a soft spot for any creature which damages our garden and neither would anybody else if they knew how much work and effort has gone into our garden so far. When we moved here four years ago the garden was just a lawn, trees and some over grown flowerbeds. Now it looks quite colourful, even if I say so myself.

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