Sunday 25 November 2007

Three score years and ten

Last night we went to a seventieth birthday party at the neighbours. A small marquee had been put onto the side of their house and from our house the red lighting that the party girl's son-in-law had used made it look like a brothel. They are quite respectable really so we wondered what was going on. Once inside the house we found that most people had congregated in the kitchen where waitresses were serving drinks and there was a mountain of food on the buffet. Although we had been told that Del boy was not going he was already there knocking back lager straight from the bottle. During the course of the evening his WAG put in an appearance and was introduced to me - they have only lived next door to us for a year. At first I did not realise who she was (we were not expecting them to be there) when this wet fish of a hand was poked in front of me. From behind she looks like a WAG but from the front she does not. She disappeared rather like Cinderella shortly after breaking some wine glasses. So the glass slipper probably will not fit her.

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