Wednesday 14 November 2007

All hell is let loose

Last night I should have gone to my flower arranging evening class, but as a result of the weekend's socialising I didn't have time to get together what I needed for last night's arrangement. So I was in the kitchen when my brother phoned from the London hospital where his son is now undergoing chemotherapy. He started by telling me that he couldn't cope with any more. He had had a message on his mobile phone from our mother's next door neighbour, to say that our elderly mother had had a fall and he had phoned for an ambulance. Could I phone the neighbour and find out what was happening? which I duly did - before the ambulance left for the hospital, shortly after my mother reached casualty and again after she had been assessed. In between all these calls I managed to get to my evening class to find out what we are doing next week.

My mother is confused, cut and bruised and was kept in overnight as a precaution.

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