Tuesday 24 August 2021

More records broken

I have never paid too much attention to the viewing statistics for my blog, but now the way blogger have set things up it is hard to avoid them.  Last month I could not help but notice that my blog's viewing figures were going up by leaps and bounds until on consecutive days the number of views hit over one thousand. I am certain that this has never happened before. After that hiatus the viewing figures continued to be high for several days. However, they have now dropped back to what I consider to be normal levels. It is hard to work out why I was getting so many hits, as they are not all reading my latest post and it is not as if the views are translating into comments. That is partly because I have set things up so that  comments can only be made on the last three posts that I have published, which is to prevent the undesirable comments that get left on my blog now and again.

Several of my posts have had more than one thousands views, but it has taken months, if not years for them to achieve that many views. For some time my most viewed post was Where's the tooth fairy? which is about my experiences of the initial stages of a dental implant procedure. I had intended to write a follow up post when the work was finished, but somehow never got round to it and now it is too long ago for me to remember all the detail. Currently my the post with the most views is The home strait about my elderly mother and her care home, which is an experience that a lot of us have had to cope with. These post were published in 2011 and 2010 respectively. Thankfully there have been no more dental implants and my mother died nearly ten years ago.

Life still has its' ups and downs. Currently we are having a down and are in limbo. When I know the direction of travel I shall post about it.

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