Wednesday 26 March 2008

Alarm bells

Last night, as I arrived home about 9.30 pm after working the grave yard shift at a local supermarket, I thought it sound as if one of the neighbours burglar alarms is going off. The next door neighbour's alarm goes off regularly about once a week. So I didn't think much of it. Getting out of the car I realised that it was, in fact, our burglar alarm. The alarm box on the side of the house was flashing like a demented fairground attraction. There are no street lights where we live and a minor panic set in as I wondered if it was wise for a single woman to try to enter the house, when there might be a burglar or even burglars inside. I decided that the police would not appreciate a hoax call for a burglar alarm going off when the was no evidence of a break in. So I went ahead and opened the front door, switched off the alarm and found that it had been set off by a faulty sensor in the conservatory. I then went out to my car, to get my bits and pieces out of it, and heard a voice from down our pitch black lane, calling out my name. I established which neighbour it was and as he came closer I noticed that he had with him a golf club. I am not sure what his handicap is or even if he plays golf but fortuneately there was no burglar to club. However, I was grateful for his concern. City neighbours would probably have not even heard the alarm going off.

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