Sunday 3 February 2008


What a weekend! Up at he crack of dawn on both Saturday and Sunday - for two joiners come to change our doors. Early mornings and Sundays don't suit me, I have decided. I have felt tired and out of sorts all day. It is some time since we had work men in the house and it is surprising how quickly you forget what they are like. Within minutes of their arrival the old front door had been removed and we had a gaping hole on both days, as on Saturday a tool had been forgotten. Gradually the doors got changed from old to new. Initially handle less and then with handles. And the house filled up with sawdust. However, now the job is done and the joiners need to be paid, which is probably going to be nearly as painful as getting up early on a Sunday morning. On a more positive note we now have a bag full of sawdust and eight new doors, which need painting.

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