Thursday 10 January 2008

Too much cooking

Before Christmas the small oven, in my range oven, started to take ages to heat up. After contacting the manufacturer who quoted a three figure sum just to come out, some time after Christmas, I found a local man who would come out for half the price, within a few days. We didn't bother to take out the extended warranty on the range oven, as the oven at our previous house didn't go wrong during the period of the extended warranty. It's Sod's Law. The oven needed a new element and it has taken until now to get it. Apparently, the parts for the small oven are unique to this model. The small oven is now working and I have been told that I am using it too much. The main oven is larger and at a guess uses more electricity but is cheaper to repair. The alternative is to live on sandwiches and takeaways or maybe even eat out more often.

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