Wednesday 24 October 2007

The day that didn't happen

For the last week or so I had had a funny feeling about today. I had an appointment in Surrey and somehow just wasn't keen to go. Normally I am raring to go if there is the chance of doing some shopping in London. I woke feeling not quite with things, but decided that it wasn't enough to cancel the planned trip. Then the taxi to the railway station was late and I thought if it doesn't arrive I wont go and that will be it. But it did arrive and got me to the railway station on time. Next the train was late - waiting on the platform was very cold, despite the welcome sunshine. At Crewe the connecting train was waiting or I just managed to get on it as it started to move. It is half term and the train was packed. The carriage where I found a seat was like being in a moving open plan office with mobile phones constantly ringing and excited children constantly asking 'are we there yet?'

I got to my appointment to be told that it had been cancelled. The person with whom I had the appointment had been held up. This wouldn't be a problem if we still lived in Surrey but it felt like a wasted day. I was down there so I was not going to waste the opportunity of doing some shopping in my favorite shop in Regent Street. Fortunately they had a sale on and as my husband pointed out, what I saved on the clothes that I bought, paid for my train fare. Perhaps the day didn't happen after all. But it did. Maybe I should have trusted my sixth sense and stayed in bed.

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