Saturday 30 June 2007

Return of the jinx

Another wet day so we thought that we would do some jobs in the house. The much wanted living room carpet was fitted about three weeks ago now, but we still had not put the room back properly. We have so much to do that I could be up all day and all night for about a month, regardless of the weather, and still we would not be straight. I have decided that the cottage has been upside down for so long now that a few more weeks of chaos will not make much difference to things. So when the weather is dry we are gardening and when the weather is wet we are doing jobs in the house. The garden has been so neglected recently that we have weeds as tall as me in the garden and there are annuals grown from seed that have flowered and gone to seed in the greenhouse, before I have had the chance to plant them out in the garden

Today was too wet to garden so we set about getting the living room straight. We had got everything back - furniture, TV, curtains, pictures, ornaments - when I noticed a bump, like a mole hill, under the carpet in front of the fireplace. My husband and I both looked horrified. This happened before the carpet was fitted in front of the french windows. The wooden floor which is thin and cheap and put down 25 years ago has swelled up. Last time my husband managed to sort it out but now we have a carpet on top of it. We have checked the carpet for any further bumps and will keep a watching eye on the situation. At best the bump will dry out and go down. At worst more bumps will appear and we will have to have the carpet up and the floor replaced. I am not sure that I can face yet more upheaval and furniture moving. The jinx of the living room has returned.

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